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Hi again!

 Now we’re at anchor in Malaga. Or almost. If it wasn’t for the fog, we would see the city perfectly.

The day have been quite confusing, no-one knows what to do, which watches we’ll have and who will take the night-watches. But I think things are starting to clear up now.

A night watch a few nights ago, we, starboard, sat on quarterdeck and waited for something to do. So we started telling scary stories about things that came to our minds, and especially nuns with black eyes. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night, just to visit the toilet. You open the cabin door and take a step out in the corridor. You look left. You look right. And there, in the end of the corridor you see a nun with black eyes staring at you.

Well, that was just a side-note, so I can say that we saw ”the Nun” tonight. We didn’t thought it was as scary as we imagined, so we are a little bit disappointed.

Hope everything’s fine at home!

See you soon,

Kajsa Englund, Styrbords vakt


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