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Hi everyone!

oday was our first whole day here in Las palmas. After our line-up at 8.00am we started
the day by walking a very long way from the boat to the city, on the way there we bought
the best ice cream I have ever tasted, I had chocolate and cookie dough.

Me and my
friends planned a beach day in the sun, unfortunately the sun did not show up so when we
got to the beach we just stayed for 10 minutes. Then we decided to walk around in the city
instead. We saw some awesome stores with african jewelry and my friend bought a ring.
After some walking around in the city, me and my friends went to a mall to look for a
restaurant. In the mall a guy came up to us and gave us some candy from Turkey, it was
very good but too sweet for my taste. We got up to the fourth floor and there we found a
beautiful asian place with a super cool view over the ocean. We ate dinner and dessert
and I had shrimp and potatoes, for dessert I had panna cotta. It was absolutely amazing
food and it was also extremely cheap. We sat there for almost 3 hours just talking and
eating. After the dinner we were so full we could barely walk. Despite that, we started
walking again. It had started to become darker so we just walked along the bay with
christmas lights all around us. We saw some people dancing by an outside bar and it
looked fun, so we decided to stand next to the bar and dance outside of it because we
could obviously not go inside. There we also took some pictures in front of a big sign
saying “ Feliz Navidad”. After spending some time dancing we started to walk along the
bay again, we walked for maybe 10 minutes and then we got to a Norwegian ship. Two
girls in our age sat on deck so we asked them about the ship. They said it was a ship from
Norway that exchange students spent a year on, they were sailing from Norway, around
the world and then back to Norway for a year. The two girls on deck also gave us a tour
around their ship which was nice of them to do. It was much bigger than Gunilla but they
also had 66 people on board and not 55 like us. They explained that it was people from all
over the world on their ship but mostly from Norway. It was quite similar to Gunilla in most
ways but one very special thing about their ship was that they slept in hammocks all
together in one big room. It looked super cozy but I think that after a while I would
appreciate to have a bed like we have. We then said goodbye to the people on the
Norwegian ship and started to walk back to the beach where we started the day. There we
just took a lot of pictures of buildings with excellent artwork and had a lovely evening
before we went back to Gunilla at 9.30 pm.
See you soon Sweden!

Linn Frisk


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