Öckerö gymnasium

Hi everyone!

Today has been a casual Monday.

All day we’ve been sailing towards Barbados. We’ve had our ordinary shifts on the ship, which as you probably already know means working and doing stuff like cleaning (both on the inside and up on deck) , taking away rust from the ship, painting, and (obviously) sailing.

The reason we are sailing to Barbados instead of Grenada today is because of two girls on the boat being sick and in need of medical care and Barbados is the nearest place to get that.

We have also had classes today! It’s pretty hard to concentrate onboard because of the non-existing air condition, but we keep trying. Hopefully they will repair the AC soon. Anyways, as long as we’re not inside the mainrooms or in our cabins, we are enjoying the warm and sunny weather. Not exactly everyone can be outside and working on a tan in January so to say.

In a couple of hours we will be arriving in Barbados which is pretty exiting!

Hope Sweden isn’t to cold,

Greetings from the Caribbean



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