Öckerö gymnasium

High above the ground

Hiking on steep cliff-sides high above the ground, from a perspective of a person that’s afraid of heights, suffers from asthma and has one sprained ankle.

The morning started with a loud voice in cabin eleven saying good-morning.

Thereafter we got up, ate breakfast, had a morning-meeting and prepared ourselves for the hike.

At 8.25am we all stood on the dock, except for some late students.

When everyone was there we started the journey to the bus and stayed on it for the next two hours. We traveled on small roades on the cliffside with many twists and turns, ups and downs. And of course, Gunnar, the French teacher’s comments on EVERYTHING alongside the road. He was particularly interested in the garbage that sometimes would appear. And suddenly we were there, in nowhere. We all got out and started to climb a steep set of zigzag-stairs and my lungs had a real workout (I have asthma).

But my friends was there to comfort and help me through it.

We reached the top pretty soon and stood there in awe of the beauty around us. We could almost see everything, the mountains looked spectacular and majestic accompanied with the interesting plants and berries. I however, tried to not look down (we were really, really high up on the cliffs) because I’m terribly afraid of highs. We walked for some more time and then we had a fruit/drink pause next to a very steep cliff. I sat as far away from the cliffside as possible (witch wasn't that far, according to me at least.). Soon after we began walking again we had a lunch-brake for 20 minutes or so. Me and my friends spent most of the time in a big pile (of each other) sunbathing on a warm rock. Some of us even fell asleep and the whole thing was really nice. When the brake was over we continued with the hike, now through a small forest with cool trees. When back in the city (Piana), we made friends with some cats that followed us back to the bus. Unfortunately they weren’t allowed so they had to stay in Piana. Thereafter the sunny journey back to Gunilla began.

Fiona Östlund, Styrbord


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