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Highlights in all the blurriness

Day 12 since we left Progreso, Mexico.

If you would ask anyone of us students by now about the past days onboard here on Gunilla, we would probably just say that it´s all a big blur. After a couple of days on board, and after doing the exact same things at the exact same time every day, the days tend to just melt together. I don´t think that I have gone completely mad (yet anyway), but if you would ask me now what day it is, or what I ate to breakfast yesterday or what we did on yesterday’s night watch, I would not recall. That may sound weird, but it´s just life on board J

Although, if you would ask me in a couple of months what I did while crossing the northern Atlantic, of course I would have a lot to tell you. That is because of the highlights. A highlight on board is a small change in your daily routine. The longer you are at sea, the smaller the highlights need to be, to be remembered and later told about. It could be highlights like if I saw a whale on watch, the chefs made a pastry or cake for our daily 3 pm break, or if I had to do something REALLY disgusting like drying up waste water from the showers or handling trash that have been standing in the sun “for a while”.

Anyway, with all this said, I am going to tell you a little bit about today’s highlights!

  1. It´s Sunday today, which means no lessons. After having lessons six days straight, it´s very nice with a little break from all the schoolwork.
  2. We got chocolate balls to our Swedish night “fika”. Yummy! (As you probably can tell, sweets on board is VERY important).
  3. As soon as the sun had set, the crew brought the projector up to main deck and then we played a movie called “Team America” on one of the sails. We have so far done this three times in total during our time on board, and it is literally one of the cosiest things I have ever done in my entire life. The movie was also very funny, which I see as a plus!
  4. During my night watch I was lookout, helmsman and lifebuoy guard (the positions rotates every half an hour between me and two others from the watch). During my time as lookout I saw both shooting stars and tons of sea fire, which both are very cool.

I think I will end my list here for now, but as you can see our Sunday was pretty great in many ways. So even though it´s a lot of blur and events melting together, our Atlantic crossing contains of pretty spectacular things anyway.

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