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One of the best things about Gunilla is the food. Being served five meals a day is probably every
hungry teenager’s biggest dream. The fact that almost everything served is absolutely delicious is
also a big plus. I sometimes wonder how everything from crisp bread, cale salads and fried rice can be so good when sailing but not really when at home. The reason is probably very simple, hard work requires more food. Also, problems like tiredness or irritation can almost always be cured by having a snack.

That leads me to one of my favorite things about Gunilla - breakfast. It usually only takes a few days for me to go from an anti-breakfast person to an absolute breakfast lover when at Gunilla. The reason? Porridge - which is what this blog will be about.

Each morning at 6:30, the chefs arrive in the galley. This is where they will meet the galley helpers, and where the porridge is made. Sometimes it’s made from scratch, and sometimes they use yesterday’s leftovers as a base. Then, after carefully adding the right amount of every ingredient,
the porridge is served at 7. The main toppings are apple sauce and/or sugar and cinnamon but for me, lingonberry sauce is better. Most people will also pour a little bit of milk over it, which is especially nice when the porridge is hot.

After one, two or three servings of porridge people feel full. People leave the mess and go on about their day feeling a little bit more satisfied and happy than before. Sometimes the feeling stays all the way until the fika at 10, where crew members can enjoy a slice or two of oatmeal bread made from the leftover porridge.

One may wonder, what is so special about this porridge? Is there some secret ingredient making it addictive? No, not at all. Just like any oatmeal, the ingredients are oats, water, salt. However, as I’m writing this I realize that one could never be completely sure with our chefs. But it’s probably
nothing. Hehe.

Also - I have forgot to mention it but Tobbe, our teacher, arrived from Sweden today. That was fun.

Estelle, portside.


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