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Home Sweet Coffee home

Today was the day that I for the first time in almost one and a halfmonths felt like I was at home. The day was almost entirely spenton studying and more studying after that. It was a boring day but Ifelt at home with a warm christmas feeling in my stomach.

I was just like any other day woken up by a way to happy rondman and when the lights hit myeyes and I went completely blind. The last thing i wanted to do was to study but studying waswhat I needed to do today. With way too many cups of coffee for your own good at my disposaland wanting to explore Lisbon as my motivation, the studying started. I wrote on my physicaleducation essay and on my physics assignments but when you get completely encapsulated bysomething on Gunilla you almost forget where you are. Exactly this happened to me today, Iforgot that I was on Gunnila. I was on my couch at home studying with a warm cosy blanketaround me and I even felt the same with stress from overdue assignments running through myveins with a chrimśtmas feeling from listing the the sixth episode of Mark Levengoods christmascalendar. But my home dream shattered when I thought I reached for a delicious cup of coffeebut instead of euphoria when tasting my coffee I got a putrid taste. I had once again returned to Gunnila and it’s awful tasting coffee. Think of it as the cheapest instant coffee that you can buyin a way too low of a dosage for it to not be classified as tea, that is the coffee you get onGunnila. I had of course after this long of a time gotten used to the taste and actually started to enjoy it but when I was dreaming of home and instead tasted this coffee, all i wanted to do wasto get home and brew some strong amazing tasting coffee. I had never felt such greathomesickness as I did in that moment.I love being on Gunnila, everything is more exacting when you're doing it with friends or in therigg, even the cleaning. But the coffee is the last thing I will look back on when looking back on this amazing trip

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