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How to receive ultimate service at cafe: A guide

This is our first day out and about in Portsmouth, what should we do? Where did we come from? Where should we go? Where did we come from, cotton eye Joe?

Birdwatching is a hobby that many people find interesting and satisfying. I personally find “humanwatching” even more interesting, and while we’ve only been here in Portsmouth for a day there are a few trends and tendencies that you find more or less everywhere when you observe the locals. One of those tendencies that you see is that the youngsters are extremely thin. I can only imagine the sizes of their meals. I think ant-size. Rat-size at most. This may be why the waitress at a cafe where we had brunch was looking so shocked when some of us ordered more than one dish. To calm her down and to escape the weird looks, Kattis told her that we were food bloggers. Boy, oh boy. I was the only one who hadn’t gotten my food yet and I felt like it took forever. When it got there we noticed that I had gotten an extra pancake, extra strawberries, banana and blueberries and that they were arranged differently and everything. After that she also stood and told us about the different foods on the menu and what to order next time we got there. It was absolutely lovely but I don’t think that anyone of us could’ve imagined that being a “blogger” would change the experience that much. This blog also makes the lie, well, less of a lie.

After the brunch, the group split up, only to go on to two different tattoo parlours, because, as you the reader may or may not know, you are legally allowed to tattoo an anchor after sailing across the Atlantic. It was also very reasonably priced for our almost-emptied bank accounts. All the tattoo shops were at the same road more or less and there were also some second hand stores so the day was spent looking at old clothes, drinking coffee and enjoying the slightly cloudy and cold weather. Later we went and got our tattoos, Emilia the beast went first (she also pierced not one, not two but THREE holes in her ears) and got two tattoos, both absolutely amazing ones. Then I went and last but not least, Ebba. We are all extremely happy with our new ink and the tattoo artist was so great we had such a nice time.

Don’t worry, we all promise only to get a maximum of five piercings each and no more than four tattoos.

See you all very soon!

Ylva, midships


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