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I can’t Belize we're here

I can’t Belize we’re here! The people of Belize themselves have invented the expression ”I can’t belize it” and use it very active on t-shirt prints, tourist souvenirs and painted signs. So why not honor this harbour by using their own favorite quote.

There is a lot to be said about Belize, but the main things that I think is significant for the country is first of all, the architecture. Even though it’s a poor country and you can see it on the buildings which many look decade, they still looks kind of inviting. Because they take what they have and make the best of it. They plant bushes with flowers and let it climb freely up by the walls and they paint there houses in colors which would have made the neighbors faint in Sweden, but which actually works together with the colorful nature here in Belize. This first day in Belize has all of us used to explore Belize City and enjoy the low prices and big amount of fruit. For me, as a banana lover, this is pure paradise to be at a place where you can buy bananas for a forth of the swedish price but which taste dubble as good.

This harbor is a bit different in the way that we are ankered and in order to get to the harbor you have to take a taxi boat which come and pick us up a specific time in the morning and drop us of another time in the evening. The pros and cons about this, as I see it, is that you have to be very careful not to miss the boat if you don’t want to spend the night on the streets of Belize City. Also you have to make your schedule after these times and can not return to Gunilla before 7, in case you’ve forgotten something or just feel done for the day. But on the plus side this makes us all come together at the boat in the evenings, and it can be nice to, for ones sake have the possibility to spend time with people from other watches on the boat. Also I think we all find it frightly funny to take the taxi boat. The way to or from the boat is the opposite of what you would call a calm and still trip. It goes very fast and the whole boat flies up and down as it hits the waves. To compare it to something you can relate to in Sweden it feels a little bit like a rolercoster at Liseberg or Gröna Lund.

Otherwise I think people feel very home in this harbor because of the way we’ve treated by the locals. The people are extremely friendly to everyone they meet and are often up for a chat. Although you do not always get the best welcome from the mens side if you’re a girl. Sure they give you compliments and that is usually a good thing. To be called ”beautiful” and things like ”i’ve never seen a star before in day time” is of course not a bad thing. But it gets a little bit tiery to constantly everywhere you go feel whatched and valued by how you look. And also a bit creepy when it’s most of the time not boys in your own age, but rather men in your dads age which whistle at you or asks if you want to dance for them tonight. But I guess you have to have understanding that we live in different societies which are in different phases of development. Besides I think it’s important to stay openminded because all the Belize people are not in the same way, and you will not know if you jump to conclusions. Many people are just trying to be nice or to help you out. So you have to have some faith and ”Belize” in the people of Belize.

Lovisa Linder



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