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I'm back!

I hope you all are well at home, and healthy and feel good, compared to what I was some weeks ago.

It all started before the trip and my sickness continued the whole sailing to Lübeck. Even though I was sick all the time on sea, I actually started to feel a little bit better each day. While in Lübeck I actually managed to go to Hamburg and it was at this time I actually started to feel like I was completely well. Unfortunately just about a day later I started to fall back into not feeling so good and by this time it just got worse.

I had to fly home and when I found out about this at first I didn’t know what I was feeling about that because I really wanted to stay but at the same time I really wanted to go home because of how I was feeling. I flew home and after two weeks it all was better and I could even start planning to go back again, witch I did.

My mom drove me to the airport at four but when we came to Landvetter, the flight was delayed to 20:00 instead of 18:00. I therefor had to wait two hours more than expected but luckily the plane finally showed up and wasn’t cancelled like a lot of other flights to London were. The flight was two hours long but together with Netflix and some music it went pretty fast.

Brita met me at the airport in Gatwick and we both took the train down to Portsmouth harbor which took another two hours. Finally, after a lot of waitings and traveling I was back at last, all completely healthy and happy to see my friends again. It was late and it was my watch day in the port the next day so the only thing I did was unpack my bags fast and a little careless and then went to bed.

The next day I woke up to a lot of happy friends and they all welcomed me back really nice. I also got a really nice and chill task to start my first watch with. After the watch I talked for a long time with everyone about everything, about all that had happened when I was gone.

Tomorrow everyone will visit an English school just some minutes away from Gunilla and Im so excited for that.

Livia, Midships


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