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In between galley rats and the best carrot cake in the world

Today was all about food, at least for me and my two galley companions. Not at all like a normal breakfeast-lunch-dinner based day at home. Those days are kind of everyday for me at home, but this day was literally all about food. So let me talk you through what I mean and welcome you to my culinary trip through the 25th of March.

Guess what my first thought was this morning? If you’re guessing something food related, you’re guessing right. Actually I can’t really tell if it was a dream or if my very first thought was ”coffee” when I woke up this morning. At home, in Sweden, I usually start to think of coffee in the early afternoon when my brain starts to fight my ambitions of the day. But the time in the day when my mind walks past coffee has just dropped while being on this boat. Instead of acting out my bitterness for the cause of that, I’ll leave that your own conclusions.

My day in the galley begun with the making of a tomato-salsa, which has become a component to the galley, seems to be weekly, sallad buffet. Other components like pineapple, guacamole, sunflower seeds and feta-cheese made it a real lunch fiesta with many food related compliments and happy faces. After lunch, me and my galley companions got stuck in food coma which lead to a lot of groans, sights and moans from the galley the following hour. While being that full of food, we had to make a carrot cake for the 3 pm snack which has come to be a holy tradition for all students onboard.

Believe it or not, even this day eventually came to an end and in a great hurry, me and the other galley rats cleaned up the galley and threw ourselves in a taxi which was going to take us to the beach party, arranged for us students at Playa Linda, Progreso. Even though the party was a good idea, I went home again almost as soon as I got there because of my never ending bitterness nowadays.

At the moment I’m sitting in the big mess, eating some totopos (nachos) from the beach party, while ending this day in some last sentences. I’m going up to serve as a night watch soon, which is not the usual demands for a galley rat like me. But this day is not like everyday because half my guard have gotten the mystical boat-sickness which nobody can identify. That will mean a late night, an even earlier morning and another cup of coffee in between for me.

Janelle, port watch


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