Öckerö gymnasium

In Las Palmas

Today was the day when everyone’s faces went from green back to beige.

Today was also the day when everyone’s stomachs went back to normal mode, the day everyone’s eyes shone up of happiness, the day we finally reached The Canary Islands and Las Palmas!

When I woke up this morning, it was a bit windy and a little bit cold compared to the other days at sea, but despite the grey weather and the chilly winds, it was a very successful day. People have now started to get used to the constant moving, and the sea life may not be as bad as some of the folks that have suffered from being seasick may have thought the first days out on the big sea.

From the beginning, it was decided that we would reach the port in Las Palmas on Christmas morning. But we had the Gods, the wind and the captain on our side so we were able to arrive one day early.

We were able to see our destination the whole day today, which made the longing for mainland even bigger. There was a lot of wind today so we had a lot to do with the sails, we climbed in the mast, pulled in all the different ropes and made sure that we were moving forward in a good speed.

When we after a whole day of good sailing reached the port, did some of the people go ashore and got a little look at the city.

When everyone was back after the long-awaited walk on the mainland it was time for the next thing to wait for, this time it’s Christmas Eve. When I’m writing this is almost everyone sitting in the big dining room and just spending time with each other and waiting for the big day to come.

On Gunilla we decided to celebrate Christmas with presents and food on Christmas day, because of the food delivery that is supposed to be here on Christmas eve, so we have two days to look forward to!

Now I’m going to go to bed and wait for the big day to come.

Merry Christmas from Gunilla!



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