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Into the fog

Sunday the 20th September was a long day on Gunilla. Although, it´s kind of hard to tell when the day actually began. I have the 8-12 watch, which means that I go to bed around 00:15 and that I get up for breakfast and get ready for the morning watch at 7:00 am.

So in a way I go to bed just when the day begins. Anyhow, yesterday we made our way out of the Kiel Canal and entered slightly rougher waters. Afraid I was going to get seasick again, (as I was on our previous journey with Gunilla) I decided to take a plaster with medicine to prevent the seasickness. This decision had a very large impact on how I experienced the day. On the boat, we invented a word called ”plåsterdimman”, which translates to ”plaster fog”. This is because most people who use the plasters become very slow, tired and silent, like they are surrounded by a fog. This usually lasts for a day or so after you apply the plaster. The girls in my watch weren´t slow to notice that something was off about me. Whatever I did, I was very tired and I accidentally fell asleep multiple times throughout the day. Everything around you gets really blurry.

Despite this, I think I managed to have a pretty good day. The food was really good and we had the swedish dessert semlor for 3-fika. The night watch passed quickly, because we watched a movie using a projector on one of our sails. Every Sunday when the weather allows us, we have a cinema on the sail. We always make sure to watch a sea related movie, this time we saw Vaiana. After the movie, we were in a hurry take all the sails down because the wind had changed. This stressful atmosphere led to a quite an accident. A girl in my watch dropped a rope and ended up burning her fingers on it. Other than that, there´s not much to say. It was an ordinary day in our measures. I am finally starting to make my way out of the plåsterdimma! Tomorrow, we continue sailing south, and hopefully we´ll be able to visit Cherbourg.

Hope that everyone in Sweden as well as everyone out in the world had a good day! Bye!

Dorothea Schwarzmayr


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