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Into the wild

Today the whole class went on a guided bus trip to the mountains and saw many important statues and a lot of cool landscape all over Madeira.

We all got on the bus first thing in the morning after our daily rally up on deck. It was raining a bit and it was pretty cold so everyone was wearing warm jackets and a lot of people even had warm gloves and waterproof shoes.

During the whole bus trip a lady stood at the front of the bus with a microphone that she used to speak loudly about different buildings and monuments that we passed on the island. The bus took us from the south part of the island to the north part and lastly to the east part before it went back to the south part again, to the ship. The trip took about six hours and we stopped like 3 times during the whole thing to eat and drink or use the bathroom.

We also did a hike with the guide that took about 35 minutes were we went deeper into the wilderness of the mountains and followed one of Madeira’s many Levadas which are small water channels that are used to transport water from the mountain tops down to farms and towns all around Madeira where the water is used. The hike itself was pretty difficult because of the bad weather that was going on but it was cool to see the nature and the Levadas.

The guide also told us a lot about Madeira’s history and agriculture which was very helpful for the studies we have about these subjects. Overall I thought that the guided trip was successful and interesting.

After the bus ride some of us continued exploring the beautiful city of Funchal and others had to stay on the ship and work.

Valter, starboard watch


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