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Is it really sun and hot?

”It is warm outside! Shorts and t-shirt is enough!” shouted Rodman happily as she opened the door into
cabin number two. My cabin friend Moa quickly pulled away the curtains to her bunk and asked with a smile
on her lips ”Is it really sunny and hot outside?”.

The scent of suncream had already after a day spread through the student corridor. Instead of soaked workwear, hung sun-bleached swimwear on top of the curtains to the bunk. For the journey to be spent in the heat instead of the cold is new for us. The sailing made by our class in November 2021 was anything but warm, and in order to survive the cold weather, many stocks of clothing were necessary. The many stocks we were used to home in Sweden and on our last trip is now a memory from another time. The big question is
how long can we go without getting burned?

First full day at Gunilla was here, with both excitement and with a little bit of nervousness we all stood ready at eight am. Linded gard for garde, Midskepps in the middle, Starboard and Port on each side. On the schedule stood continued familization, just like yesterday. The day was filled with going through the safety on board, work in the galley and going through the engine room. Finally was it time to climb in the rig.

Up in the rig the wind caught my hair and the sun warmed my cheeks. On starboard side glimpsed the towers and the green areas next to the river walk in Tampa. Step by step we came closer and closer to Gunillas top.
While step by step was taken the view became more and more beautiful both over the town and the city.

The work on the boat was put on break at twelve to eat the famous risotto in ”Stora mässen”. ”Stora mässen” is all in one. Every meal when we are located in the harbor is served in here. At the same time as it is our dining room it’s also our living room. Sleep, read, watch movies, study and more are done in ”Stora mässen.” Every day and any time of the day you can always find someone in ”Stora mässen.”

At three o’clock it is time for the fourth meal of the day, ”Tre-fikat”. The fika was served out on deck with lots of options. However, what caught everyone’s eyes was the blueberry and raspberry pie that was served.

When the day began to suffer from its end, Midskepps took over the guard for the evening and night. The meat pot that was the dinner for the evening was served at six by Vera, Alice and me. The other guards ran quickly ashore after dinner in order to experience Tampa. So far we had only seen the city from the rig. We in Midskepps had to wait until the the day after to explore all that the city had to offer.

The question ”Is it really sun and hot?” will probably be asked again and again during our trip. It is difficult to understand that we will no longer freeze, but soon we are used to the magic heat.

Maja Hiller


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