Öckerö gymnasium

It doesn’t feel like December

Exited and ready to explore Mindelo, we left early in the morning. Aimlessly wondering around town not really knowing what we were looking for, we came by a beautiful little market. There were so many different fruits, vegetables, breads and oils. We ate breakfast at a local restaurant in town after that we marched to a café which had a Wi-Fi network.

Later on we decided to go for a swim. The water was milky blue and the sand a snowy white. It was a bit windy and uncomfortable to lay on the beach. But we tried our best to soak up the sun, at least we found many beautiful seashells to add to our collection.

In the evening we got ready and headed out again. We wanted to experience the night life in town. And that we did. We came across a concert in the middle of a park. We danced and danced and while wondering about we met a group of Swedes that grew up in Mindelo. We had a great time talking to them and got an amazing opportunity to interview them in the future. Sadly, we had to cut it short because we needed to head back to Gunilla. We don’t want to miss our curfew.

-Sofia Forsman, Starboard


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