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It has been a long day

Today is the eleventh of April. It has been a long day. Here in Tampa, Florida, there is a lot to do here and we want to do it all.

We started the day with visiting a radio station, WMNF, and we were on air talking about our school, our trip and Sweden. If you are interested in listening to this, it was live-streamed on their Facebook page so you can go in there and listen or watch the whole hour of us talking to their host. It was an amazing experience and I liked the people working there. They were really kind and gave us a tour of the station. That was something you don’t do everyday!

Anyway, after the radio station a third of us left to have watch and the rest separated. Some where meeting with our American host (a student of the school we visited a couple of days before), some went to he beach, some went shopping and so on. Along with some friends, I went to Target. That is kind of like the American version of Ica Maxi Stormarknad. There I bought American candy, probably a little too much. My American host Lauren and her mother picked us up in their car afterwards and drove us to their house by a lake around 45 minutes from Tampa. On our way there we actually saw a turtle next to the road! Her home was really nice, they had a cute dog named Kate who was really cuddly. We went swimming in the lake almost immediately after we arrived and us swedes loved it. We were talking about alligators as we were in the lake, and how they lived in lakes but Lauren assured us that it was very rare to see one here. After we got up from the lake, we had pizza with her mom and talked about everything for about an hour before someone shouts: “is that an alligator?!”. We all jumped of our chairs and looked towards the lake. And yes, exactly the same place we had been swimming before were two real alligators.

It was, like I said in the beginning, a long day. Everything from being on the radio, going candy shopping, swimming in a lake and seeing alligators. Now that is just not any day for me. That is the eleventh of April.



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