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It’s a sunny day and I can’t enjoy it

Today was our second and last day in Las Palmas. The two other working-teams “styrbord” and “babord” had this day off and were able to spend their day at the beach on the other side of this island.

While they were spending their time in the sun, eating at restaurants and swimming in the ocean, my team and I were working hard on Gunilla to prepare tomorrow's departure.

My job for the day was to work in the kitchen, not my favourite place to spend the whole day, if I can say it myself. Todays task was to sort out the big delivery of different food supplies that will keep us alive on our voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. I’ve never seen so much food in my life before, so I’m pretty sure that starving won’t be the cause of our death😉 While we’re already talking about food, me and my friends made dinner for what should have been the whole ship, but because we were the only team left on the boat we just had to cook for 25 instead of 55 persons. The awesome garlic breads that was served to the dinner gave me a massive boost, which provided the energy that I craved to clean the whole kitchen after dinner. Luckily for me I had my crazy friends with me, Erna and Rees which made time fly by. As crazy as we are, we might have had a little bit of a foam- war instead of cleaning the kitchen (we did clean the kitchen afterwards).

For the last twenty minutes I’ve been sitting on the floor, writing this and eating cookies. I’m really excited about tomorrow's adventure and I hope that Cap Verde lives up to its expectations.

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