Öckerö gymnasium

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Or actually not so much.

Today, 16 december, is the 3rd advent. For the sake of Christmas spirit my watch decided to decorate Gunilla with glitter and other Christmas decorations. We decorated on our night watch 00-04 AM. so that the other watches would wake up to a nice Christmas surprise.

Even though we now have a decorated Gunilla I don’t think that any of us really get that it is christmas in 8 days. It feels weird celebrating Christmas in 25 degrees Celsius. You can really understand that we all are super confused since the music that you almost always hear here onboard is something like “swedish summer hits”, kinda ironic don’t you think?

I share a cabin with Zelda and Ebba B and we have at least tried to create a Christmas feeling in our cabin with fairylights, although I don’t think that we succeded since we never use the lights, oops.

The group dynamic has already changed and the people I am here with right now doesn’t at all feel like the people I went to school with a month ago. We have already become a family and we are so comfortable with each other in a way that I don’t think you can achieve anywhere else.

I believe that even though we don’t have much Christmas feeling right now that will change and at Christmas eve we will have a Christmas to remember forever.

Christmas greetings Svea, Starboard


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