Öckerö gymnasium

It's finally Friday!

This Friday, the 20th of January, started of with watch between 12 and 4 am.

After we said goodnight to those who had watch before us, our watch leader read loud from a book for about one hour. It was cozy to listen to it while we sat under the stars in the middle of the night in the Atlantic ocean. Very different from a normal day back home in Sweden.

After the coziness, we practiced to set sails. It went very well, we were fast and we had a good communication. After the practice, it was time for our coffee break at 1:30 am which was delicious, we were served Swedish chocolateballs. Small things like chocolateballs can actually make everybody happy within a short time.

Before our watch ended, we got the chance to try and steer with the emergency rudder. It was fun but after a while it got very heavy. So, as a conclusion, I think I prefer to steer with the normal rudder instead.

At our watch today at 12 to 4 pm we worked as usual. Today, I served lunch to hungry classmates and officers. I was in the galley (what we call the kitchen onboard) the whole watch and tonight I´m going to be back there again. One of the things that makes it quite fun to work in the kitchen is that when the chef is on brake, we can choose and listen to music while we work. It´s the only place onboard where it´s allowed to listen to high music without earphones. So today, my classmate and I took the chance and put on some great music.

Over all we are quite tired now because our AC is broken (again) so the temperature inside is horrible and we don´t sleep so well. Our lessons are often outside instead because of the heat. Perhaps they can repair our AC at Grenada because it starts to get a little bit annoying that it´s hot everywhere you go.

Well, I think this was all I had to say for today. I hope you guys have a good Friday back home and we will see you in February. Take care!

/Linn, babord


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