Öckerö gymnasium

It's not funny to rise at 7 am…

 It's not even the time we need to go up to go to school. Well well, we did it anyways. We were very tired because of yesterday's flight and the carrying of the bags. At least we slept more hours than the two days prior.

The day started with breakfast, believe it or not but EVERYONE was there, even though the lack of sleep. Later, we started to familiarize which is a thing we do to remember everything important and to feel like Gunilla is going to be a nice and safe place to stay at for 2 months.

My watch got spare time at 12 pm and it was very nice. We went to Miami beach to take a swim, shop and eat delicious food. Miami beach wasn´t as awesome as we thought, though. But the shopping and food was good anyways, and it was really nice to cool off in the ocean.

We got back at Gunilla at 9.30 pm. Usually, we sit in “Stora mässen” (where we eat and chill) or outside on “backen” for a while, but everyone got to bed quite early to have energy for the next day.



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