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It's Sunday today, right?

Puke is disgusting, but today when someone threw up on my shoes I didn't even care, and that is even more disgusting.

I don't think I have ever heard the questions ”what time is it?” and even ”what day is it?”, with the majority of people not knowing the answer and being just as confused as the one who asked. This is only day two at sea, but our weird sleeping habits have already taken its toll on us and we are all really tired and dumb as bags of sand.

It's true that we do not sleep much, or at least extremely irregularly, but the lack of sleep does not necessarily mean a hard time. As one who has the infamous ”dogwatch”, the watch beetwen twelve and four, I can say that shooting stars, dolphins and glowing seaweed is seen on a regular basis, which is awesome.

But in all honesty, It's not all fun times on this boat. As I said, it's only day two, but I'm already kind of tired of the colours blue and yellow. We do got our Swedish flag hoisted and waving in the wind, but I'm talking about the blue ocean and the yellow faces of the seasick. The ocean is amazing in every way, i'ts just the combo of the two that is not very pleasant.

Speaking of flags, I really do miss that empty spot where Morocco's flag used to hang as a sign of courtesy. I miss the cheramics, the food, the markets and all the friendly people, although I think the seasick miss it the most. But that empty spot will soon be filled with another flag, because we are nearing Las Palmas with every wave and gust of wind.

I really hope this is my true blogday, for not even I am to sure about what day it is.

Felicia, Starboard


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