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It was like heaven opened a branch in my mouth

The day started off just as a normal day for us students here in Gibraltar, or Gib as everyone says that lives here. It was only one difference for us in the natural science class.

The students in natural science was going on a shore excursion as a biology class. But to get there it was a very very long walk. It took 40 minutes and was on the other side of Gibraltar when we started off at the harbour. It shouldn’t have been so hard if it wasn´t for the walk up the mountain two days ago. My legs still haven’t fully recovered. So me and some friends amble down the extremely small sidewalks. But we went so slow that the other students walked away from us, so we lost them. We had to call Johan to get help, but everything was solved and we all came to the beach. Or it wasn´t all of the students in natural science, the portside guard had guard duty so they were still on the boat. But when we all were on the beach the search began. Diving masks where put on, Go-pros turned on and shorts were drawn up. The bad thing was that the area was really hard to find any organisms, or the ones that were found couldn´t be cashed to see which species they were. It was so annoying when you found all kinds of fishes but couldn´t catch them or get a good picture. But I got really lucky! I was just about to give up when I thought I just could take some seaweed and try to name that specie instead of trying to find something more exiting. But when I took some of the seaweed up, I felt something tickling me, and when I looked down at the seaweed I saw a little tiny crab on my finger. And the other students helped me get a picture of it. It was a perfect organism to have in my biology report! That also made it worth freezing so much in the water and all the trouble the excursion gave.

After the shore excursion we went back to the boat. We ate lunch, it was fried rice with vegetables, and soya sauce and it tasted good. Later me and some friends went out to the city. We walked on the main street and looked at all the tourist souvenir shops and trying to find bucket hats. But it was so hot in the town compared to the shore excursion so we got a big craving for ice cream. Or gelato in particular! So the search began for the perfect gelato shop. We found a few but they didn´t seem to be the best. But then we found it. Gelateria Dolce Vita. It had pink awning, pink chairs and pink parasol. The clerk was really nice and let us try the different flavours. But after some consideration I got mint chocolate and a flavour that tasted like Nutella and had chocolate topping. So after getting our ice cream we sat outside of the gelato shop and ate our ice cream. It was by far the best ice cream I have ever tasted It was like heaven opened a branch in my mouth.

After some more shopping and looking around we walked back to the harbour and Gunilla. We didn´t want to miss having pork fillet with root vegetables with bearnaise and red vine sauce. It was delicious! After that we had something that we call “hytt mys” in my cabin., cabin 4. We just talked and had a really nice time. It was a really good day, especially the ice cream.

Until next time,

Ester Fagerström, amidships watch


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