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I wish I had superpowers

Today I started my watch at 12 pm, I was look out which means that you get to control the boat, to be lifebuoy guard watching over the crew and commanders on deck, so that if anyone falls over board you will be the first to notice and be there to throw in a lifebuoy . Last but not least you get to be the look out of the boat so that the boat doesn’t collide whit other boats or land and to look out after fisher buoys or other things that might appear from nowhere.

This can be one of the most boring things to be on the ship. I swear that every time I get this role on our watch the time goes against me. It is moving so incredibly slow it’s insane. You look at the clock “oh nice its just 5 minutes left until coffee break” then look away out over the ocean again for what feels like an eternity, then looking back its only gone like 1-2 minutes. There and then I really wish I had superpowers, like more than anything in the world. The worst part is that you really just stand there and stare the whole watch watching the rest of the working force playing games and having fun. The thought of going down stairs getting undressed and crawling in to your warm cozy bed doesn’t make it easier.

It’s an art trying to come up with things to make time go faster. Today I made some pushups against the rail, I did some knots, sang three songs on repeat that is stuck in my head and have been for awhile. One of which is “my way” with Tone Sekelius. It started with me and my friends making fun of it and ended up with it getting stuck in our heads instead. Second song on repeat was “let’s take a trip to Sudan” with a hip-hop artist from Sudan wanting to take his girlfriend there. Third song can remain a secret just for the thrill of it.

Another thing that also happened today was that today we sailed through the smallest part of the English canal, which means that on a good day you can see England on one side and France on the other side of the ship. Which we did, so that was cool.( Mostly because a short period of time you got a little bit of signal from land and could scroll through your phone. )


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