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Just another day

I woke up this morning very tired and with the feeling of that I just wanted to stay in bed and watch a movie, I thought it would be raining today as every other day. But when I went up and went out it was sunny! I was so happy it was warm and sunny.

The day started with that a few of us nature science students went for a look at one beach to write down what we found. After that a friend and I went to Primark and another part of the town. Here we where until lunch because after lunch we where going to the Historic Dockyard as a school trip. On the Historic Dockyard there are two big sailing ship, HMS Victory and HMS Warrior. This ship was the Great Britain navy ship in the 1800s.

I really loved to see those old ships. HMS Warrior was the first ship build in only iron and on HMS Victory Lord Nelson died. I liked Victory more because she was build in tree and had more history. She had 27 sails but could sail with 31 sails and she had more then a hundred cannons.

When we got back to Gunilla at the dinner we saw that the new captain Hans had come onboard with his son and that our last captain Torben had gone home. It is so good to have some new people onboard. We had a cozy evening at the ship and talked much with this new kid.

And this was pretty much all that happened today. Two school trips, one market trip and a fun evening. And almost a week left until we see Öckerö.

Hannah, Port.


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