Öckerö gymnasium

Just another day at sea

Dolphins, whales, cookies and empty seas

It was pretty grey whether today, a bit cold. Ther was a little rolling but not enough to make you seasick at this point, just enough to be quite annoying.

On the morning watch 4-8 am we saw a group of small black whales.They were pretty much just passing by, not really interested in Gunilla

Later we got som kind of blueberry cake, which were very nice. Then on the evening watch we saw a lot of dolphins, they were at least eight. They swam around and jumped right infornt of the ship. It was cuite cool actually.

Usually it`s pretty dead and empty, there isn´t even any other ships out here. It´s makes being lockout often just boring because nothing happens and you still have to stand there starring out on just empty sea.

We got a cookie from our watchleader that watch which were very good and I felt it really helped on my lookouting.

Alva Jonsson



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