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Just like home

The sun shone and the smell of flowers gave us all a kick of happiness. It was the first time in two weeks we saw land and breath something other than sea air. We all were so happy. Because we been crossing the
pleasant sea called the Atlantic.

The feeling when you took the first
step on the ground and didn’t feel the swing from the waves was
beautiful. I think most were tired of it. At the same time, I personally
feel I already miss it. Or, of course more the sailing itself, like climb
in the mast.
Anyway, all of us can agree that the place we have come to is absolutely
wonderful. Just the thing that there are a lot of trees, smell good from
the nature and is a very friendly population. It´s a very big difference
from the other ports. Senegal was more dirty, and Cape Verd was far away
this forest paradise. Everyone just investigated the beauty capital.
There was so greenery and in some way I got the feeling about that this
is just like home. Maybe it came from the fact that England and USA have
a great influence hear, which is just like home. Then the weather was
more like home, at least if you ask me… Suddenly it could start to rain,
meanwhile the sun shine which make me alive the heat because the rain is
little colder than the air. The one bad thing by this amazing place is
that the water is the same temperature as the air, which make it
impossible to cool down. But I should not complain. This is
Well. Now it time for us to eat “korvstroganof”.
Good by from st George.

Elsie Nysten.


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