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Just some fun facts about T/S Gunilla and the watch

Sunset, sunrise, stars, dead calm, dolphins, seaturtles and wales. Just a basic night in my
life at the moment. On this school we have a very special experience and education when we sail for two months in year one, two months in year two and two months in year three and have all this time to learn how to sail and see the diffrent natures in other parts of the world.

At the moment we´re in position 36º54,6880N and 1º00,5440W almost 41M (1 nautical mile = 1852 meter) south of Cartagena on the way to Malaga, the water tempurture is 19,1ºC.

The weather is very sunny and the wind is dead calm, it has been like this for almost three days in a row now. It´s very beutiful but it´s a bit boring that we can´t sail. The time of arrival is now 19th November but we can´t moor in Malaga untill the 20th November so the plan at the moment is that we are going to drop anchor the 19th a few Miles from Malagas coast.

This watch was one of the calmest one for a really long time, we climbed in the mast for like one hour, we learndt to splice (it´s when you do a loop on the rope) and heard some really cool stories from our watchleader about a Norwegian ship called Draken, she is a vikingship that sailed fron Norway til New York in 2016.

T/S Gunilla is a traniee ship (T/S) because she train people to sail and don´t just have them on vacation. She is 49,6 meters long, beam overall is 8,3 meters, and has ha depth on 3,2 meters. She has three mastes and has a sail area on 1040 m² (18 sail). Their are
ghoststories on this ship, like if you are the lookout you can here somone go in the ladder or say your name but when you turn around and look theres no one there. I have heard it myself.
Hannah, styrbord


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