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 Killergame and Birthdays

The day started like any other day here on Gunilla.

I unwillingly woke up at 4 and got up to start the day. The only thing special about this day in particular is that it was Ester’s Birthday and because I was ship inspector, it was my duty to wake her watch up. I had already decided the other day that i would wake her up with the Swedish “ Happy Birthday” song. Now let me tell you, I am not a particularly god singer, In fact I am pretty bad but for Ester I was willing to make an exception. I went into her cabin confident that this would go my way but boy was I wrong. Even though I didn’t hit any note, I continued to sing the entire song to a bunch of tired and half asleep teenagers who probably wanted kill me in that moment. But I am not a quitter so I sang the entire song wholeheartedly plus reminding everybody ( just in case they didn’t get the hint) that today was her Birthday. Then, I got out of their cabin to wake the others up but guess who just in that moment walked out of the shower? You probably guessed it right, it was Ester ( You know the one with the Birthday). I think you can understand my disappointment when I realised all my efforts where for nothing but luckily she got her song at the watch change 30 minutes later.

Later that day it was time to present Killergame. Since I’m a part of the party comity, It was my job to present the game to the rest of the inhabitants of Gunilla. Killergame is a thing that we play here on the boat to keep everything interesting and fun. Everybody (even the commanders) gets a name, an object and a place. Then, you somehow have to give the object to the person on the place given to you. For example you can get the captains name and then you have to give him a potato in the toilet. If you succeed, the other person gets killed and you get his/hers person, place etc. In the end the person who has killed the most people wins. As I’m writing, three people have been killed and I have yet to figured out how I am going to lure in my victim.

In two days we arrive in Cape Verde and I’m both excited and sad at the same time. This week has been very enjoyable with nice weather and good winds so i feel sad that it soon will be over. but then again, we have 17 days over the Atlantic so i think I will be fine. We also have 7 amazing days in Mindelo to look forward to. I think I’m the most excited about not being in another tourist country with tourist food and tourist music. I want to see something different and i think Cape Verde will be that place.

Agnes Werner, Port watch


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