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Kitchen Nightmares

Trying to cook at 4 AM, in a kitchen moving from side to side, back and forth all at the same time is something I wouldn’t exactly recommend. This morning started off with two ”bad luck” scenarios.

Today was a unusual day for today I was actually excited to get up. The reason being that I was supposed to stand in the kitchen to work as a kitchen helper this morning. Not having to stand outside in the cold while having to wear a full sailing set, a harness, a lifejacket and rubber boots at 4 AM. Like, who wouldn’t be excited? Being able to just wear jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of slippers sounded far more comfortable which I must admit, it surely was.

Every night at 5 AM we are supposed to serve what we call ”nattfika” which is just a snack at night to the people on lookout. My watch (starboard) are lookouts between 4 AM to 8 AM and also between 4 PM to 8 PM. So me and another person in my watch (who was also a kitchen helper) were supposed to make scones as ”nattfika” this night. It started off okay. We made the dough, put some baking sheets on the pan, made the buns and shoved it in the heated oven. Well, this is where the sea started acting up and the kitchen nightmare started. After a few minutes I decided to peak in through the glass and saw the baking sheet flapping around. I thought it looked kind of suspicious and after inspecting it a bit more I soon realized that a few of our precious scones had fallen off the pan and onto the bottom of the oven. In a panic I called over my kitchen buddy and we tried to fix it. In all of the chaos I accidentally dropped the oven door on his head and two scones fell to their demise onto the floor. We were really off to a great start!

After the scones fiasco it was time to start preparing breakfast. On our way to get some eggs in the large refrigerator we discovered something highly unpleasant. A yoghurt massacre. It turns out that when the boat started moving around so drastically one of the yoghurt lids broke, or something like that. This caused the yoghurt to splat all over the wall and also drip onto basically everything on the same shelf.

But even though the day started off as a whole mess it turned out pretty good in the end. After napping for about 1-2 hours (like I always do) I felt renewed. Then after lunch we had two classes and before our 4 PM to 8 PM watch we had another snack break.

On the 4 PM to 8 PM watch we played around with a book about knots and learned a few new ones. Then we also learned how to sew in a special way on ropes in order to prevent fraying and also how to calculate your latitude location by looking at polestar and the horizon. After our watch was over all off our ”groups of watches” aka starboard, port and amidship watched a movie together.

So, after all the day didn’t turn out a complete disaster but take my advice. Try to avoid cooking in a moving kitchen if possible ;)

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