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Land after eleven days

The day started 00:00 when my watch begun, we didn't do much tonight because we were travilling by engine instead of sails so it was an easy night with little work. My watch endead 04:00 then it was straight to bed to get some sleep before arriving in a new port not just an ordinary port, but La Palma.

I was woken up by my friend 09:15 just to see when we sailed in to the port. The line up was 11:00 then me and my friends went to explore the city. I bought a coffe as soon as I could because I can't lie the coffe on the boat isn't excatly the best I have tasted, so with a good drink the day started well. La palma was full of old stone houses in several different colors, it was beutiful and a really cozy. I'm a big fan by these type of cities so I truly enjoyed it.

After some time of walking around we decided to go back and grab our swim suits and headed to the beach. La Palma is a vulcanic island therefore all the beaches are made up of black sand. Black sand is an sight that I've never seen before and that was extrodinary. The sand may be black but the feeling of walking in soft sand was the same here. It was approximatly 23 degrees in the water which was wonderful, we were in the water a long time and we even saw some crabs that could climb up on rocks just like spiders. After not swimming in a few months it was nice taking a swim in the big blue sea.

In the evening it was time for some good food and just relax before tomorrow
mornings work day. Pizza was our highest prirority tonight and we found a pizza
place with some really good food. I took a pizza with walnuts, gorgonzola and
serrano ham, it was a fresh pizza with many good flavours. In conclusion it was a
nice day with exploring, eating and swimming. Being able to stand straight also was a good thing.

Aron Nilsson


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