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Land in Sight !

I woke up to the lovely sight of land.

Cape Verde, finally! First day and I decided to prioritise my studies so that the rest of the days in Mindelo will be completely free. Me and my study group walked around the city and interviewed the population about equality. Our results were surprisingly good. Cape Verde seems like a very equal country with almost same conditions and possibilities despite gender. Although, walking around, these so called equal values were proved wrong. Almost all men were whistling, walking uncomfortably close and calling me and my friends objectifying things. And actions speak louder than words, right?

We had lunch at an Internet cafe. Felt great catching up with family and friends after a week at sea. Usually I’m not homesick at all but living this intense with no opportunity to sleep in or get alone time home is starting to feel tempting.

For dinner we had pizza at a local pizzeria/pub. Cozy place but extremely bad service. If you’re ever in a hurry in Cape Verde, don’t eat out. Service is beyond slow.

I look forward to this week in Cape Verde. Tomorrow we will leave for our hike at Santo Antao, exiting!!

Agnes Arndt, Styrbord


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