Öckerö gymnasium

Land in sight

I went out on the deck before breakfast to grab some air, and there in the horizon I could see our first sight of land since we left Safi.

We are getting closer and closer to Las Palmas and tomorrow we arrive there. We just passed the first of the Canary Islands and a lot of the students have gotten service on their phones.

We in portside started the day at 7 with a quick breakfast before our guard between 8 and 12. On our guard we climbed in the rig and cleaned the deck. A lot of my classmates have contacted their near and dear ones today since they we finally got service and me myself had a phone call with my parents and I also contacted some of my friends back in Sweden.

It gets dark really fast here, it can literally be shining bright one second and you just go inside for 5 minutes and its pitch black when you head out again. Though if you have lookout at night then you can watch the dolphins swim along the boat in the bioluminescence and that is really beautiful. On the night guard we got to climb the rig to tie the sail up and so on. However it was a great day and now ill have to sleep before my guard in the morning, Goodnight!

Ivar Tengnér, portside


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