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Last day as cabin 12

Today, we had our packing day. This day we pack our bags and move out of our cabin, of course we still sleep there but it is no longer ours, it doesn’t belong to us anymore. I started packing a little bit earlier than i should’ve so when it was time for me to actually start, I was almost already done.

First Maja, who also lives in cabin 12, started packing her bags. While she packed her bags, me and my other roomate Sara where fast asleep. By 12.30 Sara started packing her bags and I was on watch. On watch i did alot of different things but nothing out of the ordinary and it went pretty fast. 2 hours later it was my turn to start packing my bags. It took me about 50 minutes and then I had 1h and 10 minutes of free time. Now, its half past six and I’m waiting for dinner to be served, its chili con carne and im super tagged, I love that meal. In 2 days we’re going home. I think its crazy, the time has gone by so quickly. Even though I’m happy to be home soon, I’m also sad that we’re leaving Gunilla for almost 1 and a half year. The next time we’re on this boat we’re very close to our graduation and almost 19 years old. It’s a weird and sad thought but I’m also excited about it.

I’ve had such a good time on this boat and I think that this will be a memory that I will carry on for the rest of my life. It’s not always easy to be on Gunilla, sometimes you just want to be alone, or you don’t feel very good, or you’re tired and don’t want to work or study. But it’s all worth it in the end because the things that i’ve learned and seen during these 1 and a half year are amazing and it has probably made me the person that i am today. It will probably change me even more during the remaining 1 and a half year and I’m so excited about it. I’m so grateful that I get the oportunity to go on this school. Great regards, Felicia.

Felicia Nordahl Vieira sa1922


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