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Last day in Bahamas

Yesterday I woke up at 7.00 am and ate breakfast. This was our last day in the Bahamas.

Today we are going on an school trip with our teacher
aimed at towards the local harbors and the aftermath from a devastating
hurricane a couple of years ago. We started of with visiting local
harbors and looking how they are in Bahamas, unfortunately we couldn’t
go in anywhere. Then we also looked at what has happened to the Bahamas
after the hurricanes. We saw a lot of destroyed buildings, cars and
houses. It really gave a great perspective on how strong and dangerous
these hurricanes can be. After the school trip we went to the beach.
Later in the evening we had Easter dinner on the ship and it was really
tasty. One hour later we left the port and started sailing towards

Jesper Gabrielsson, Styrbord


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