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Last day in beautiful Jamaica!

I woke up to the sound of Olivia saying that it's time for my cabin to wake up for breakfast and our last day here in Jamaica.

We also woke up to our watch day, which in the beginning didn´t sound like a lot of fun but that changed quickly, because of the dream team in the galley. Me, Ida and Love were galley rats and had a lot of fun.

The day started after the traditional line-up with cleaning up after the breakfast in the big mess. Then the day continued with the making of lunch and preparing for the dinner. For lunch we served pesto-pasta made from broccoli which turned out really delicious. I got in charge of making the three o´clock fika which today were "kärleksmums", this also turned out to be a success to the portside watch who were longing for some sugar.

With music in the background and me, Love and Ida singing along to it the songs the day went past rather quickly. As the clock striked five we were nearly done with the dinner, which today was a huge buffet with a beef-stew served with rice and for sides we had done a guacamole, coleslaw and fresh baked bread, so it was a huge feast before we left port to begin our journey to Belize.

The hardest and most annoying thing about being a galley rat at port is the cleaning after a whole day of hard working. You have to clean the whole galley from the roof to the floor and when you think that you´re done, you have the foot board left and the most hated thing on Gunilla, the fearing of the DRAIN DISASTER. When it comes to cleaning of the six drains in the galley you have to really prepare your mind for the worst because you don´t know what you are going to find, maybe some cockroaches lurking around or some mix of different kinds of food, you never really know what is waiting for you before you have it in your hands. Then the disgusting smell of rotten food and bacteria fills the whole galley so you have to quickly clean the drain and fill it up with water so you can put it back where it belongs and then you just hope that you did enough job so you don´t have to do it again. Beware of the consequences if you forget to fill the drains with water, then the chef and the galley rats who will be in the galley the day after will not be happy because it´s going to smell like the galley is a rotten mushroom.

Hope you in Sweden don´t have to experience the rotten smell of drains and that you are surviving the cold weather. We here in the Caribbean with sunny days and about 30 degrees everyday are doing just fine ;)

Emelie aka Slem, Port.


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