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Last day in Funchal.

Our day of departure has arrived upon us, it´s time to set sail towards the Azores and also sadly time to leave this truly fascinating Island.

The place where the number one footballer of all time grew up, the place where we not only got to walk along beautiful streets and eat some delicious seafood in one of the restaurants by the bay but also the place where we got to go on hikes alongside the man-made water channels called The Levadas which was built by slaves in the 15th century.

However, today has been a special day not only because its our very last day in Madeira but today is also my good pal Nellie´s birthday, last night we bought her some gifts and fruit which we gave her this morning before we had to line up on the main-deck as usual.

Since our time for self-study got affected (decreased) by our engine failure back in Lisbon each and everyone of us got to go out between 8:30 AM and 01:00 PM. At 08:30 we were on our way into the heart of Madeira Funchal. Today it has been raining all day, which was kind of a moodkill but we made the most of it.

Once we got back to the ship we had dinner then I slept for a bit after a few hours of sleep I got woken up by the previous watch and it was time for us to get on our watch.

Lovin, starboard watch


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