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Last day in Havana

Today was our last day in Havana and it was enjoyed on the beach. In normal order we were awakened at seven o’ clock to have breakfast.

Sunday in honor it was a roasting breakfast so I enjoyed a sandwich with fried eggs on. It was the starboard (my guard) who had a guard today, but the commander was kind and gave us a free watch until five o’clock. After breakfast there were quick pucks off the boat to make the most of the day. To get to the beach we would take a bus, but that was easier said than done. Our ambition was to take the bus already at nine, but without our guides we had earlier this week it was difficult to find the bus stop and despite our attempts to get help from the local population no one seemed to know where it was located. We wandered around back and forth in the square and it ended up that some took the local taxi from the 60s, while happiness finally came to us when we suddenly saw the stop and the bus was found! Warm and tired we sat on the bus. The bus trip took 30 minutes, but felt like two minutes when I slumbered to (which was much needed).

When we arrived we were met by a turquoise sea and we were all overwhelmed. We built a camp quickly and then Alice and I jumped directly into the water and it was absolutely fantastic! Until three o’clock we played Yatzy, had lunch, listened to music, read a book, bathed and bathed again. It was then time for starboard to retreat to the boat for guard where cleaning was on the schedule.

I had some pesos left that I used by buying a fun poster and four shot glasses in the Cuban spirit. Once on the boat again we started to clean and as usual the starboard was brilliant and was quickly approved. Even though there was a bucket of water and brushes before the gangway to get rid of all the unreasonable amount of sand we had with us from the beach, I had sand left so a shower was a must.

After dinner I also had a call home as we sail on to Belize tomorrow. It was above all fun to talk to my dear brother who always gives me that extra energy! Tonight I will sit a ship guard from half past four to half past six so it will be an early evening, as starboard also starts with guard at eight in the morning tomorrow. We had a fantastic last day in Havana. Now I am unreasonably tagged to see what Belize has to offer.

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