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Last day in Rotterdam

The day started at 8am with the usual line-up on the main deck. Me and some friends went ashore in
rotterdam to have breakfast and spend the morning in the city before going back to the boat for lunch.

After lunch we left the quay and headed out towards the English Channel. I took the opportunity to call my loved ones from home before sitting with my friends on the hill and soaking up the sun. After only an hour or so, we had a fire drill and gathered once again on the main deck. After a briefing, we ate pancakes together on deck.
At 4, we went on watch in the Midship and changed Barboards. During the watch we dismounted the forestay and inner splitter and set them. We had refreshments and brewed here and there. We couldn't sail as there was a headwind so we mostly motored. After dinner at 6 we came out to a beautiful
sunset. One of the best things about the 4-8 watch is just that there are such nice sunsets and sunrises.
The starboard crew came to change us at 8 and we went for tea and hot chocolate before going to our bunks.

Amanda, Midships


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