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Last day in Tampa

Today is the last day in Tampa and it´s been a good harbor and it´s been different from the other harbors this trip. It´s been nice to be with English speaking people, it is easier to get around the city and get information.

I have not been able to hang out with my host as much as a wanted to because she had a lot going on that week such as prom and studying. On daytime there were a lot of people that did not know what to do because they planned to meet up their host in the evening and at least I had already done a lot of things that you could do in Tampa so I just ate some good breakfast at a cozy café and then we just walked around in the city and then we sat down in a park by the river and ate some picnic.

But in the evening I meet my host Julia for the last time before going back to Miami and this last day we ate dinner with some of her friends and Maja and Julianna. We had a really nice time at the restaurant with all the Americans and after the dinner we went home to Julia and just hung out and ate some snacks. At the end of the day I were finally to sleep in a real bed and it was amazing.



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