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Last day in Tampa

It’s the last day in Tampa and the time flies. We’ve started to get to know the city and the boat more and more after each day. Today we in the starboard guard had our last watch in Tampa and the other two watches had their last day in this city. We start to get used to life on board and the heat gets more bearable.

Every morning we wake up at 7.00 with a person coming to wake us up. There are also different people who “purrar”, which means that there are also different types of awakenings. Today we woke up to both bagpipes and hard rock. In other words, we woke up on a good side. At 8.00 it was set up and we on starboard side was ready for a full day on watch. While the other two guards were ashore to discover Tampa further, we discovered Gunilla. In the morning we climbed up the mast and set the sails and rigged as well. Each time it becomes easier to get up and you feel more confident in what you are doing. After lunch we started going through the different strings and their functions. It is easier to learn all the first thousand decimals of pi then to learn all the strings on board. Then there was “fika” at 3.00 and cleaning of the whole boat. We started by scrubbing deck. The water hose may have slipped and when we were done it wasn’t just the deck that was soaked. In the scorching sun it felt good to be cooled down. After everything was cleaned, we had free time until our night watch. With our own fans that we got, it wasn’t so bad to finally go to bed even if it was 35 degrees in our rooms.

Lovisa, styrbord.

1 april 2023


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