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Last day on land

Today was the last day on the Island of Gran Canaria. Tomorrow we’re heading off to Cape Verde. The day has been packed with a german visit on the boat Alexander von Humbolt, a visit to the scandinavian tourist church and just some normal strolling in town to enjoy the last day to the fullest in port.

The day started off as usual with me and the boys in cabin 11 sleeping through breakfast until someone for the third time woke us up. After the morning line up me and the rest of the german students took a quick walk together with KiKi and our medical and second chef Anna to see the three masted ship Alexander von Humbolt. We got a one hour long guided tour at the green coloured boat which was both interesting and challenging because they were speaking german on a difficult level.

After the visit we meet up the rest of the students by the scandinavian tourist church. There we listened to Nisse about their work and organisation. As i mentioned before we are heading off to Cape Verde tomorrow. The journey there is calculated to take about seven days. I really look forward to go out at sea again and i’m hoping for a week full of laughs, good weather and some whales and other cool stuff. Gran Canaria has been fun but i’m to be honest already a bit done with the Island. Everything has been very touristy here and hopefully that will not be the case when we arrive in Mindelo.

GMY (god mitt you)

Rasmus Djerf, starboard watch


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