Öckerö gymnasium

Last first day at T/S Gunilla for our class

I can’t believe that we already are back here again! Though, unfortunately, it’s our last trip together.

You can tell everyone feels a lot more certain and calm than during the last two sailings. The mood on board is quite mixed but one thing I’m sure about is that everyone feels happy to be back.

Today was kind of a chill day because everyone had to stay on the ship until 3.30pm to get a refresher on how things work here. Portside, my watch, had watch today but we still had some free time and were able to go out for a few hours. The weather here is definitely a huge contrast from Sweden, it’s very sunny and almost 30 degrees celsius. When we were here in Miami about two years ago during February it was around 16 degrees celsius so this heat is kind of a chock. When I’m writing this the time at home is 3.30am. Therefore, we are all are feeling very jet lagged but hopefully we are soon back to our normal sleeping cycles. Hopefully we will get used to the heat and harsh sunlight. Several of my classmates got burned pretty bad in the sun today. So now aloe vera is our best friend.

Beside all the sweat, red burned bodies and sleepy eyes we are home. We are happy when we are together on this ship.




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