Öckerö gymnasium

Last sailing

First day on our last sailing. I have spent much time of my gymnasium standing on this deck; I can't even remember every moment here anymore. It's weird to think that this is the final time. Since last sailing from Mexico to Tampa, I am aware of how awful this ship can be to it's inhabitants. But luckily, it started of well.

I was standing as lookout, glancing out at the calm sea that was shifting in different shadows of blue and violet. It was really beautiful, and pink jellyfishes floated by, adding another colour into the view. Suddenly, I saw something at the horizon; splashes of water making its way towards the ship. Dozens of dolphins started to jump all around, and a mum and her little dolphin baby started to swim right under the bowsprit. Since the water was so clear I could see every scratch on their skin and how their dark grey changed to white towards the noses. To make this scene even more cliché, I must admit that the sun was setting and was giving a wonderful light to the moment. When three pelicans peacefully flied along the ship I couldn't believe what kind of life I'm living.

I'm really enjoying the life onboard T/S Gunilla right now, the water is calm and the sun is shining. But some people still manage to find something to complain about, and last sailing it was that the AC didn't work (which was horrible), and now it's about that the AC is working. For some people life never is easy, really. And for some people the situation is even worse since they realized that the tan will go away when the skin gets dry due to the cold air. That's a terrible thing to happen, because some people only mission onboard is to be so tanned as they possible can. I'm so tired of listening to boring conversations about people's worries about not getting tanned enough, like for real; it they don't stop going on about the colour of their skin the tan will probably leave them due to irritation. I definitely would if I was the tan.

Now I have to go and enjoy my last time onboard, see you guys back home in some days!

Juliette Olofsson,



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