Öckerö gymnasium

Lava stone

The day begins 07:00 am. Someone comes and wakes you for breakfast that is at 07:15

It was Saturday. After breakfast me and a couple of friends went out to look around, for the last time because tomorrow we will go out for a biking, then on Tuesday we will leave. After that we went home to Gunilla to eat lunch then the others went out again but I went to bed.

01:00 pm Me and a friend went out again before we went to the restaurant, we didn’t do too much

07:00 pm We are on the restaurant, a really nice place, it was a little expensive but it was worth it because you cooked your own food on a lava stone there on the table, the stone was almost 600 degrees Celcius. Then we went out of the restaurant where we met KiKi then we went back to the boat.

Per-Johan Svensk


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