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Learning how to furl and unfurl

Today was a really fun day, we actually spent most of it in the rig learning how to fire and unfurl the sails. The life onboard is really hectic and fun both when you’re on offwatch and on watch hours but it can also be very chill and you often just hang with your friends.

Today I had my first offwatch so me and some friends spent the evening out in Malaga which was very fun. It was a little bit of weird in Malaga because we walked around inshorts and t-shirts while other people had thick jackets and scarfs because for them 19 degrees is cold but for us who’s just been in Sweden with -5 degrees that was pretty hot, I wonder what they would wear if they went to Sweden now.

Today we also learned how to furl and unfurl the sails which was really fun but really really hard and it hurts in every muscle in your body to be up for a long time in the rig. This was the second time we went up in the rig and it was scary of course but not at all as scary as the first time yesterday, it was also different this time because we now worked and thought about other things than the height. I thought it would be scarier to work up in the rig because then I could not always use both my hands to hold on to the yard. It was more distracting than scary but I got more and more comfortable up there and that feels really good. From now on I really enjoy being up in the rig, both for fun and for work

Greetings, Cajsa,

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