Öckerö gymnasium

Leaving Cadiz

Today we are sailing from Cadiz to Gibraltar. Everybody is pretty excited but also nervous. It’s everybody’s first time sailing Gunilla everything is new and we haven’t got used to it yet.

The day started as usual with that I woke up, struggled to get out of my bed but the thought of breakfast where tempting.

8 o’clock it was time for our first watch on the sea. I was a little bit nervous. I Didn’t now how I was gone react to the seasickness, but we hade calm weather during the day but in the evening the boat moved from side to side, and back ‘n’ forth. One by one we got seasick. My watch where lucky. Because we where working on the boat and when you are focused on something it’s harder to get seasick. So we slowly got used to it.

I was very nervous to go to sleep. The thought of laying in my bed felling the boat moving from side to side I was sure that if I Didn’t get seasick now I was going to down I my room but I was working it was a Actually kind of calming feeling the boat slowly moving.

Melvin Fast, portside watch


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