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Leaving Cape Verde

Today are we leaving Mindelo and Cape Verde, it has been a nice visit and we have seen cultures, nature and society’s that we have never seen before. And much things has happened here, we have visit the island of Santo Antao, visiting a local school and today we have got a new chief engineer.

Today is the day here, the day when we are going to cross the Atlantic Ocean. But now we have anchored in the bay of Mindelo, and I hope that we are leaving tonight. Some of us went in to town today when some of us stayed on the boat, and we who stayed on the boat got one last chance to take a bath in the Cape Verdeian turquoise clear water. I tried to get a perfect dive from the poop deck, but I did not manage as our sail instructor. Jump from the poop deck in funny but me and a friend tried to find new places to jump from, like the end of the main square, the mizzen boom or the end of the peak. Today did we even got a new chief engineer, our former chief engineer Marco are leaving us today so now Ulf will sail with us over the Atlantic. Sad that Marco leaving us, but I hope that he will come with us another time. I will be missing his negativity but I´m look forward to work and get to know Ulf. So now will we say bye to Mindelo and Cape Verde fore this time, and in seventeen days I hop we arrive in Grenada in another side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Arvid Ekström


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