Öckerö gymnasium

Leaving home

At almost midnight we waved goodbye to the ones we love the most, while we were looking forward to doing our last sailing trip during our high school time.

From Gothenburg to Arlanda airport we rode the bus, some of us tried hard to sleep, uncomfortable and cold but others slept with no trouble the hole ride.

As we arrived at the airport, we carried our heavy bags to the check in and walked through the security check. We boarded the plane, a bit nervous about what’s to come, sat in our seats and an hour later we flew up into the sky. It was a long trip so most of us played cards, games or watched movies to pass the time.

Later on we had to go through the security check again, luckily it was no trouble and it didn’t take much time. When we went out of the airport to go to our bus, we felt the tropical wind in our hair and the sun kissing our pale faces. After the short bus ride, we arrived at the harbor and carried on our luggage onto the boat. It felt like home.


Ella and SA1720


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