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Leaving Las Palmas

We left beautiful Las Palmas. The sun was shining and the wind was nice. Almost everyone was nervous and afraid of getting seasick. We have learnt about the sails and we have climbed in the rigg. We have seen dolphins. We have also seen som fishing boats in the dark sea. You can see the fishing boats from a very long distance when they have that much light on the deck. Everybody have a very big change in our situation because we ar awake in the night.
We have started to learn the different ropes and we have just started to get to know the whole crew, including the captain, medics, chefs etc. I got a little bit seasick so I was on the deck most of the time and ate crisp bread, the Swedish ”vasaknäcke” and Appel pie. We have also learnt safety information and have had a safety drill. When we left the harbor we have a compass corrector with us and then he left with another boat.

Sven-Malcom, midships watch



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